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Vacancies in the Cromer Junior Golf Academy

Do you know any children 11 years of age or older who would like to learn how to play golf? Positions in the Junior Golf Development program are highly sought after, so enrol your child early to avoid disappointment!  

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact  the Office on 02 9982 3088 (Ext 3). To register please download an application form by clicking here. This can be forwarded to  

Cromer Golf Club is an Active Kids Provider, an initiative of the NSW Government Office of Sport.  Find out more and claim your $100 voucher by clicking here

Program Structure

Cromer Golf Club’s Junior Golf Academy is one of the most comprehensive structured programs in Sydney. The Academy includes professional tuition and golf each weekend with all aspects of the game covered including rules and etiquette. Boys & Girls from the age of 11 and under are eligible to enter the program. Please note children under the age of 11 will be assessed by the Club Professional prior to acceptance in the program.

Some of the objectives of the program are:

  • To recruit and develop Junior Players to strengthen the Junior Membership at Cromer Golf Club.
  • To encourage the young to take up and actively participate in the game of golf.
  • To provide instruction on golf, and how to maximise the fun and enjoyment of the game.
  • To assist in developing the skill sets with the aim of attaining Representative Honours.

How the Program Works
Participants will attend clinics and play golf each week.  All golf tuition will be from the Club Professional or a member of his staff. Lessons on Etiquette, Dress, Rules and Skills Activities will also be included in these clinics. 

Stage 1: 
Includes one hour Professional  tuition weekly. Tuition will cover grip, stance, full swing fundamentals, tee shots, putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play.  A four hole competition follows the tuition.

Stage 2: 
Will include some golf tuition. This stage will concentrate on building skills sets and will work on: – putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play. More etiquette and rules instruction will be included. A four hole competition follows the tuition.

Stage 3: (Advanced)
Involves playing in a Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning nine or eighteen hole Junior Competition. This will allow a Cadet to gain an official Golf Australia Handicap to and provide valuable on-course experience as well as the opportunity to participate in other junior golf events at Cromer and other Clubs and courses around Australia.

Stage 4: (Club Membership)
A Junior Cadet has completed Stage 3 when they can play to a handicap of 36 for boys and 45 for Girls and have a good understanding of golf rules and etiquette.  Our professional team will assess each individual before recommending they advance to further forms of Club membership enabling the junior to enter Club competitions on a regular basis.

Junior Academy: Level 1 & 2

– 2 Enrolment periods.

     Term 1: February-May (16 weeks)

     Term 2: August – November (16 weeks)

      Maximum 16 children per term.  

– Each week registration is held at 2.20pm.

– Coaching Saturdays 2.30pm-3.30pm (2 Professionals coaching – both groups alternating between long game/short game each week, group maximum of 8).  Rules & etiquette component will be integrated into the coaching period.

– 3.30pm: On Course play – 4 holes. Volunteers will assist groups of Level 1 players, 1 Volunteer floating in a cart amongst level 2 players.

– “Teamer” APP (viewable here, and downloadable at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store) to be used to notify weekly each player/parent.

– Certificates to be issued to players as they progress through each level.

– Golf Professional’s report/assessment to each child at the end of term, with a certificate of attendance.

– End of Term Professional Skills Challenge, with trophies, prizes and presentation. Parents are invited to attend presentations.

Junior Academy: Level 3

– Limited to Saturday afternoon / Sunday morning 9 hole & building to 18 hole competition.

– Professional to accompany Level 3 on-course each week for 1 hour, assisting with pace of play, scoring, rules, etiquette and game assistance.

– Head Professional to assess each player half yearly in competencies of the swing, rules and etiquette..

– Please note Stage 3 juniors competitions will not be held when the Club is holding major events (Championships, Pennant hostings, etc). 


Program Cost
Stage 1 & 2 Term cost         – $355.00 plus one off $69 per junior player uniform (shirt & hat). 
Stage 3 Annual Fee             – $465.00 per year (only available to juniors having completed Levels 1 and 2)

Further Information
If you are interested in participating in Cromer Golf Club’s Junior Golf Development program please contact the office for further details   Ph 02 9982 3088 or

Planned Commencement:

  • February – May (enrol before end January)
  • August – November (enrol before end July)