Friends of Cromer Foundation

The Mission

The Friends of Cromer Foundation aims to support Cromer Golf Club to provide members and guests with a challenging and rewarding golfing and social experience, continued financial wellbeing and to provide the environment and culture which enables continued success and enjoyment for all levels of golfers, well into the future.

The Foundation

The concept of the Foundation has grown out of the recognition of the need to maximise the on-going support to Cromer Golf Club Limited in the pursuit of its objectives indefinitely into the future. It is recognised that this can best be done through the ability to raise funds for specifically designated projects through offering a tax deductibility option administered by the Foundation and Cromer Golf Club with an agreed Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”). CLICK HERE TO VIEW FRIENDS OF CROMER FOUNDATION MOU.

The provisions of the MOU enshrine the purposes of the Foundation, which is to provide the means to assist and support the Club in the encouragement, promotion, and development of Golf. In addition, the Foundation has been established to provide a means to assist in the acquisition and development of the infrastructure necessary for the Club to remain an attractive golf course on Sydney’s northern beaches.​

As a reminder:

  • The assets of the Foundation are kept separate from those of the Club in a CBA account.
  • The decision as to the expenditure of the contributions is made independently by the Foundation Trustees.
  • The Foundation is structured with a separate governing Board and governed by the MOU, which directs the Foundation Board to apply funds in accordance with the MOU’s terms.
  • The Foundation is also required to provide quarterly reports to the ASF which monitors the Foundation to ensure its expenditure complies with qualifying expenditure as agreed with the provisions of the ASF.

​The Foundation aims to provide financial assistance to the Club in:

  • Improvement of Club facilities and amenities.
  • Development of pathway programmes for boys’ and girls’ golf at Cromer
  • Community engagement, social inclusion, and support for our local players and the broader golfing community; and,
  • Optimise and ensure the financial strength and stability of Cromer Golf Club Ltd.​

Tax Deductibility of Contributions

​Individuals and businesses are able to make tax-deductible donations to the ASF in support of the Foundation, which is registered with the ASF. A donation is an unconditional gift made to the ASF, offered voluntarily and not as a result of contractual obligation, and for which the donor receives no material benefit or expectation of benefit in return.

​Donations are made to the ASF nominating the Friends of Cromer Foundation as the beneficiary. In this way your donation in support of the Foundation is tax-deductible. All claims for tax-deductibility are subject to being accepted by the Commissioner of Taxation and donors who are uncertain of their position should seek professional advice.

To Leave a Donation or Pledge

Your financial contributions to support the Foundation will help to ensure that the Club remains an attractive and rewarding golfing experience. The Foundation cannot do all of this without the generous donations of its Foundation donors.

​For your donation to be tax-deductible, please click below:



  • Chair: Mr Peter Sherwood (Member #1383)
  • Nicholas Robb (Club Professional)
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • Mr Tim Felan (nominated Board representative)