Ladies Cygnet Golf Program

Our dedicated Ladies Cygnet Golf program welcomes beginner golfers, plus those with limited experience to enjoy the first class facilities, whilst undertaking coaching and tuition from our team of PGA Professionals. Our multi-stage program aims to gradually transition female golfers from beginner golfer to a playing golfer confident of hitting the course socially, or competitively, with an understanding of rules and etiquette.

Following each Cygnet session, participants enjoy tea or coffee in the Cromer Clubhouse overlooking the course and are often welcomed by various members and volunteers who provide additional support and assist answering any questions or queries Cygnet participants may have.

The Cygnet program maintains the flexibility to cater for ladies to progress at different speeds throughout the program and may vary the program content to suit individual participants, whilst maintaining the ultimate goal of empowering ladies to become competent and confident golfers in an independent environment.

The following Levels are listed below and run concurrently over the 4 school terms on a Tuesday.

Each Level runs for 8 consecutive weeks and costs $355.00 per Level.

All equipment is supplied and included in the cost.

Level 1- Beginner instruction

Period: 8 x 1 hour coaching sessions.

Develop your golf swing and build your confidence with your golf game.

Level 2 – Intermediate instruction – from Level 1

Period: 8 weeks (4 x 1 hour structured coaching, 4 x on-course coaching)

Is designed to allow the new golfers to continue to grow their games, as well as gain valuable on‐course experience under the trained eye of the PGA Professional        

Level 3 – Advanced intermediate and on-course coaching sessions – from Level 2

Period: 8 weeks.    

Level 3 represents a major step in development and enjoyment of the game as it now provides you the opportunity to head on to the golf course and put some of the skills you have previously learned in to practice. This stage also enables you to become familiar with other important elements of golf including etiquette, rules knowledge, and player safety and scoring.

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Upon completing Level 2, generous benefits are offered to our Cygnets into club membership, be it just for social golf or for those wanting to play in club competitions.

Please refer to the dress code to assist with suitable attire when enjoying the Club’s facilities.

For more information please contact:

Golf Operations Manager:     Darren See Hoe          (9982 -3088)

Golf Professional:                    Nick Robb                  (9971-2263)