Hole 16

The 16th holds endless possibilities, and with them a number of possible scoring outcomes.

A hazard lines the entire length of the hole to the left leaving only the bold to strike their tee shot in the ideal left centre position of the fairway. Long hitters may attack this green in two shots, however a creek guards any shots short, and a pond to the right will catch out sleepy players.

The conservative play from the fairway is to lay up just short of the fairway bunker, leaving a relatively easy shot to the green.

The sixteenth green is bunkered left and short right. Shots missing long right and long left make pitching very difficult to a raised green. Once on the green, gentle slopes are relatively easy to read. 

Please turn up your volume  and click on play to hear how to play this hole:

Cromer Golf Club Course Tour – 16th Hole from Cromer Golf on Vimeo.

Hole 16 Details

Metres Par
480 5