Cromer Golf Club

In accordance with orders and advice from Government and Health Authorities, Cromer Golf Club is currently a restricted access premises. Access is limited to:
• Club staff for the purpose of attending work.
• Club members for the sole purpose of playing golf or necessary attendance at the Club office.
• Suppliers or contractors for the sole purpose of delivering required services to the Club.
• Authorised services personnel for the purpose of carrying out their duties.

All persons must limit their attendance and associated activity to the purpose of their attendance and strictly adhere to the restrictions and protocols in place.

Current restrictions and protocols

• Any Staff, Members or other persons who have been diagnosed or in close contact with a proven case of COVID19 and have visited the Club should immediately notify the Club office. They should also self-isolate for 14 days or until they have medical clearance to return to exercise and usual activities.
• Any Staff, Members or other persons who are being tested for COVID19 or have been in contact with someone who is being tested should notify the Club office immediately. Those Staff, Members or other persons should also self-isolate until the test results are determined and they should immediately notify the Club office of the test results.
• Any Staff, Members or other persons who have returned from overseas since midnight Monday 16 March 2020 are required by law to self-isolate for a period of 14 days. Accordingly, anyone in this self-isolation period should not visit the Club. We also ask that anyone who has had personal contact with someone who has returned from overseas travel in this period also refrain from visiting the Club for 14 days.

• Any Staff, Members or other persons who are feeling unwell or are experiencing influenza type symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat, coughing, shortness of breath, sneezing or body aches should seek medical advice and refrain from attending the Club premises while symptoms persist.

• Our area has been identified as a hot spot for COVID19 and the testing criteria for our area has been expanded to include any person who has flu like symptoms. Any Staff, Members or other persons with such symptoms should refrain from attending the Club until they have medical clearance from COVID19.

• Any Staff, Members or other persons who exhibit concerning symptoms on Club premises will be respectfully asked to return home and seek medical clearance prior to their next attendance at the Club.

• We reinforce advice that persons with chronic conditions and/or who are 70 years of age or more should remain at home.

• All Staff, Members or other persons attending the Club must not gather in groups of more than 2 persons at any time.

• All Staff, Members or other persons attending the Club should practice social distancing which means maintaining a distance of at least 1.5 metres from other people and having no physical contact.

• All Staff, Members or other persons attending the Club are asked to Practice respiratory hygiene. This means covering your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze.

• All Staff, Members or other persons attending the Club must observe health, safety and sanitisation measures in place by washing hands and use of hand sanitisers placed around the Club regularly.

• The Clubhouse is closed.
• Members may only access toilets on the ground floor / locker room and 12th hole toilet.
• Showers remain closed.
• Please do not use lockers. Come to the course dressed for golf and limit your interaction with surfaces.
• The reception area outside the club office will be accessible to members when necessary however social distancing protocols will apply.
• The office will be attended by authorised staff members only during business hours for answering phone calls and limited admin only.
• Office staff are not available to meet with members face to face. Please make enquiries by phone or any financial transactions online.

Pro Shop
• Please limit your time spent in the pro shop. Before entry please use the hand sanitiser provided.
• 2 members only to be in the pro shop at any one time
• Please maintain social distancing whilst in the pro shop
• Payment may only be made through cashless means by tapping your card
• Please take note of announcements by pro shop staff and adhere to all requests which they may make.

Golf and Course
The course is open for play only under a range of strict new measures:
• Visitors are no longer able to play at any time
• Members must book a tee time to access the course at all times (even outside competition times)
• Play may only be in groups of 2
• Please be diligent in maintaining a 2 metre distance from your playing partner at all times. Particular notice should be taken when on tees and greens.
• Days and times of play are aligned as closely as possible to our regular program
• All bookings are to be made using the time sheet system for the entire day, every day. You may not ‘turn up’ and wait for an opening at any time of the day
• Please arrive for your tee time ‘just in time’ (10 minutes early). Do not arrive any earlier to avoid gatherings. Please leave immediately after completing your round.
• All play will be from one tee only. This is to allow more effective compliance with social distancing requirements in the starting area.
• The pro-shop will advise the tee of the day. Please do not enter the course from any other area than the starting tee.
• All practice facilities (practice green, chipping area, nets and range) are closed to casual practice. You may only access these facilities as a warm up prior to your allocated tee time. 2 players only in each area.
• The practice green will be available to 2 players only immediately prior to their booked tee time.
• Carts are available for a sole user only and use is subject to providing a current medical certificate which states that golf is your primary source of exercise and that a cart is required for the you to undertake that exercise. A current medical certificate will be one issued by a qualified medical professional on or after 31 March 2020 when the inclusion of golf as exercise under NSW government orders related to COVID19 was confirmed.
• The above requirement applies to hiring of a Club cart and/or use of any approved personal cart which has been granted by the Board.
• Only one player and one set of clubs is allowed on a cart at any time. No sharing of a cart is permitted.
• All carts will be sanitised by pro shop staff prior to any re-use.
• Please do not touch other player’s equipment – clubs, balls, tees, buggies.
• Please do not use ball washers or any towels attached to them.
• Bubblers and taps are turned off and should not be touched. Members are encouraged to bring or purchase drinking water.
• Bunkers are compulsory no play zones. Bunker rakes have been removed to avoid handling by players.
• Flagsticks should remain in the hole at all times to avoid handling by players. Please use your gloved hand to remove the ball from the hole
• NTP and Long Drive competitions have been suspended and prizes added to the ball rundown.
• Members are asked to keep the sand bucket they use when they play in their possession until further notice.
• Members are encouraged to bring sanitiser and towels for their use while on the course.

Course maintenance
• Course maintenance operations continue
• The green keeper area is a strict hygiene area. Members are asked not to enter this area or handle any course maintenance equipment
• For the safety of our course crew, additional wash down and hygiene measures are in place to protect our team after the use of each machine. Gloves are being used when cutting new holes each morning.

We stress that in attending the course, Staff, Members or other persons are agreeing to comply with the restrictions and protocols which we have implemented for the wellbeing of members and our community. These requirements will be enforced by the Club.